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Future events 

14th InternationalDay witouth wheelchair
Spoštovani kolegi potapljači, kolegi invalidi, novinarji in vsi ostali ljubitelji podvodja Vabimo vas, da se nam v nedeljo, ... more »

Latest news

14th International Day witouth wheelchair
V nedeljo, 16. Julija 2017, se je 35 invalidov in njihovih spremljevalcev družilo na javnem Mestnem kopališču Slovenska Bistrica. Potapljanje invalidov z »aqualungo«, športno potapljanje za invalide, ... more »
Disabled diver around the world – French Polynesia
To make experience such as rodeo on a rubber boat I had to travel to the other end of the world. Without Branka, of course, it would not work. Preparations for the journey were profound and long-term. When everything ... more »
New SCUBA divers from Fire brigade Zrece
Zrece can finally be proud of a first group of firemen who are also divers. ... more »
13th International "Day witouth wheelchair"
On 8th of July 2016 at the city swimming pool in Slovenske Konjice Plavalni klub Slovenske Konjice and Association of paraplegics Jugozahodne Stajerske with Association of paraplegics of Slovenia and IAHD Adriatic have prepared 13th event Day without ... more »
1st international competition in sport diving for disabled divers
On the occasion of fifth anniversary, in the Russian cradle of diving for persons with disabilities in the Russian Anapa on the Black Sea, Foundation Dostupnaya sredaorganized the first international diving competition for Persons with Disabilities, ... more »
8th "Walking beneath the Sea"
8th international underwater film and photo festival Walking beneath the Sea, ... more »
5th Art Contest "Walking beneath the Sea"
In September 2015 we opened applications for 5th Art Contest under the theme Walking beneath the Sea (Sprehodi pod morjem). We invited primary schools from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Russia. At the end 1032 pupils ... more »
Diving holidays in Egypt
God of the ocean Poseidon called me and Branka in the underwater world of the Red Sea this time. Together with Branka We responded to his call and between 3 and 10 October 2015 spent a diving holiday under the hot desert sun in Safaga. Before the flight ... more »
Committed to steps - Predani korakom"
Invitation of Tanja Babnik from Primary School Ledina (hospital school divisions) to participate in the project “Predani korakom” (Committed to steps) surprised us, since IAHD Adriatic rather than steps ... more »
A decade ago for us it was a remarkable  achievement  to dive in the Adriatic Sea, we after all the pain of many and challenging dives in cold water, at the Festival “Walking beneath the Sea” learned a new alluring  location, ... more »

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