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Integration.Life.Society 2014

Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment and Technologies to be held at the Expocentre in Moscow from 23 to 25 April 2014. The previous year’s event held in 2013 already generated a positive response from both exhibitors and visitors alike. To the tune of 3,600 trade visitors, people with handicaps and their relatives attended and gathered targeted information about aids and nursing concepts, participated in expert events and actively co-shaped the programme of cultural and sports events over the three days of the fair.

In excess of 13 million people in the Russian Federation are handicapped. There is growing awareness about the living conditions of people with impairments, and the demand for solutions to their everyday problems is rising. State bodies are addressing this issue intensively and have already started major investment activities. There are still many measures required in Russia to give this part of the population the possibility to partake in education and the labour market, to be integrated in social life and live a largely independent life. The city of Moscow itself has the aim of becoming barrier-free by 2020 with a view to guaranteeing a largely independent life for the disabled.

International exhibitors will again present their products as well as the latest developments in the areas of everyday assistive technology, mobility in the workplace and at home at Integration.Life.Society. 2014. The fair focuses on innovative assistive technology, concepts, types of therapy and leisure activities, nutrition and hygiene as well as safety and monitoring systems, physiotherapy and orthopaedic aids.




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