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International working weekend in Serbia: IDA method in practice and sport diving for persons with disabilities

In September 2017 between 14th and 17th in Kikinda, the first international working weekend event took place: Method IDA and Diving with Disabilities, which brought together dive instructors and assistants and divers with disabilities as well: from Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serbian entity Republika Srpska.
At the roundtable, attended by Viktor Lazarevic Izraelit from the CRASA Diving Association (Russia), Maksim Sergejevic Kozuhov of the Federation of Sport of Disabled People RSSI (Russia), Branko Ravnak from IAHD Adriatic (Slovenia), dr. Romana Romanov from the Faculty of Sport and Tourism Novi Sad (Serbia), Ninoslav Djordjevic, DEM (Serbia), Red Cross Kikinda (Serbia) and the Ministry of Defense - River Military Fleet (Serbia)the following topics were presented: the IDA method, therapeutic and recreational diving for disabled people, various sports related to diving for the disabled, rules of sports diving competitions, classification of people with disabilities in Paralympic sports, use of AED apparatus for reanimation, and use of diving equipment LAR-VII in closed breathing circle.
The work was carried out in the pools of the Sports Center Jezero. The Participants were divided into two groups. In the first, under the leadership of Branko Ravnak (instructor trainer, CMAS DDAI), Alenka Fidler (CMAS DDI instructor) and Andreja Lipus (tips for nursing) were training disabled people: Milan Solaja (Serbia), Ljilja Sliskovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sanja Jokic (Republika Srpska) and their assistants / instructors: Miroslav Miskovic (Republika Srpska), Stojan Bogosavljev, Goran Kauric and Srdjan Dimitrijevic (Serbia).
In the second, under the leadership of Viktor Lazarevich Izraelit, who is the judge in sports diving competitions, they tested the rules of competition and other underwater sports, in practice. The workshop was attended by two disabled participants: Ales Povse (Slovenia), Tatjana Varga (Croatia) and their assistants/instructors:v Matjaz Paj and Gaber Guna (Slovenia), Petar Vresnik (Croatia) and Sinisa Boskov (Serbia).
Branko Ravnak has donated a kit for the first aid with oxygen - DAN Oxygen Units to the Diving Club Orka, hoping that the Club will never need to use it.
Thanks for the hospitality to the organizers.
Photo: RK Orka, IAHD Adriatic
In the media:
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