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Diving in Rovinj - Bale

Although in July, due to crowds, diving and training for independent diving is usually not high on the list of our activities, the hot summer days have lured us to Bale near Rovinj.
The team composed of Ales Povse-Yoda, Tomaz Bobik, Janez Zupan and Alenka Fidler wanted to dive in the Brioni National Park, where we went along with The old diver diving club. The management of our group was taken over by Marijana Janusic, whose work and diving with disabled divers is not something new for her because she also traveled to the first competition in sports diving for the disabled in Anapa in Russia with us.
Of the three dives that we performed during the weekend, two of them are worth mentioning.
On St. Jeronin in Brioni National Park under water a lot of interesting things were waiting for us: different marine gastropods, gilt-head breams, scorpionfish, crabs, lobsters and some cultural heritage from Tito´s times (plates and cups).
Velmon wreck, a 12-meter wide ship, surprised us because we did not expect it to be so big. It is safely guarded by a small-spotted catshark at 33 meters depth.
Photo: IAHD Adriatic





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