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Diving with members of the Soncek Posavje Society

Natasa Solumun invited members of IAHD Adriatic to spend the last weekend in August with members of the Soncek Posavje Society on the island of Pasman. Due to the very good experience from several years ago, when we dived into the pool at Krsko together, we could not resist the invitation.
The most courageous were those who dived in 2012 for the first time with us. With immense courage and their contagious smiles, they succeeded to convince those who claimed the night before, that they would never dive. Another confirmation that a saying never say never is still on.
Siblings of those who dived first had to wait until the late evening hours to dive. At night, we roared with the battery under the surface, and disturbed night peace of the sleeping fish, crabs, sulfurous and other tubular sponges, anemones, corals, the sea cucumbers and many other inhabitants of the sea.
Before going to bed, we had to promise to the overjoyed divers that we would repeat the dive on Sunday. Their satisfaction was contagious, so their parents had to squeeze their teeth and overcome fear, and were in the end beaten by the beauty of the underwater world when they finally dived on Sunday. The children were very proud. The new diving heroes and their smiling faces are the best possible payment for our effort. No photo can illustrate these feelings. These beautiful moments will stay forever in our hearts.

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