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First steps of diving for disabled people in Banja Luka

In the diving club BUK from Banja Luka, at the initiative of Prim. Dr. Snezana Kutlesic - Stevic the decision was made to bring the underwater world closer to people with disabilities. They invited IAHD Adriatic to carry out this task.IAHD Adriatic has conducted training for two members of IKK BUK, who performed the first part of the training in Slovenia (in March 2017), and completed the second part of the exercises in Banja Luka (in April 2017). The first instructor for disabled divers (CMAS DDI)in the Republika Srpska became Branislav Radjevic, the first assistant for the disabled divers (CMAS DDA)became Miroslav Miskovic.
On Saturday, April 8th, 2017, in Banja Luka a roundtable with the presentation of the diving for persons with disabilities, took place. Unfortunately, the already-seen story was repeated again. The organizers were disappointed because they were given many enthusiastic confirmations by the audience and invited listeners, confirming their participation the day before, but only a few of them attended the presentation. There were those who wanted to move borders in one way or another. We are very proud of such visitors and that we had good listeners, who also responded to the invitation and were happy to join us at the pool, where journalists have been waiting for us.
Journalists joined us on Sunday at the pool again. Tatjana Varga from Zagreb, demonstrated the diving of physically impaired divers who use wheelchairs to the media, and to the two candidates who were preparing for the attempt of a discovery dive. Tatjana is one of the more experienced divers because she has already dived on extraordinary locations in the Adriatic and Cuba. After that Andreja Lipus presented the basics of the care for disabled people during diving. Then the time has come, Sanja Jokic and Maria Bilčar were eagerly waiting for. The first dive - and the first experience of movement without a wheelchair. Everything was happening under the watchful eyes of Branko Ravnak, Alenka Fidler, Branislav Radjević, and Prim. Dr. Snezana Kutlesic - Stevic. Girls were very enthusiastic about the dive.
And now for the end, the official announcement: Sanja Jokic and Marija Bilcar are the first women in Republika Srpska who pushed a wheelchair into a corner and without it enjoyed the three-dimensional aquatic environment.
Thanks to the prim. dr. Snezana Kutlesic - Stevic and RK BUK for exceptional hospitality in Banja Luka.

In the media:
Banjalucka Hronika (11. 4. 2017)

Ana Kotur: Banjaluci počinje ronjenje za osobe s invaliditetom (10. 4. 2017=
Glas Crpske
Vesna Popović: Marija i Sanja prve polaznice obuke terapeutskog ronjenja: Osjetile slobodu i samostalnost u vodi
Foto: IAHD Adriatic





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