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1st international competition in sport diving for disabled divers

On the occasion of fifth anniversary, in the Russian cradle of diving for persons with disabilities in the Russian Anapa on the Black Sea, Foundation Dostupnaya sredaorganized the first international diving competition for Persons with Disabilities, which they named INVADIVING, although in Slovenia we still prefer to say PARADIVING. As two of the teams they invited Slovenians and Croatians, but due to lack of members in both teams, We named our joined team “TITOVA MLADINA” (Tito`s Youth). We were one of six teams with four members. Our team was formed by:
- Disabled divers: Barbara Slacek, Ales Povse and Matej Lednik from Slovenia and Josipa Lukinovic from Croatia,
- Diving instructors and assistants: Alenka Fidler and Gaber Guna from Slovenia and Petar Vresnik, Dusko Obradovic and Marijana Janusic from Croatia.
- Branko Ravnak, President of IAHD Adriatic, was one of the judges of the competition.
The competition was held under the rules of C.M.A.S. and it was slightly adapted for disabled divers. Although it was a competition in diving, we had the feeling that we are competing in speed swimming, which at times was not even necessarily under water, under the rules, which many of us still don`t understand. Anyway. We are very proud of the success that is the result of the previous five years of work in Russia. When a pupil beats the teacher!
We are proud that diving for persons with disabilities lives and develop in the world in particular through the IDA method, developed by IAHD Adriatic. We are also proud that in Russia have more disabled divers than Slovenia and that will probably soon get first diving instructor with disability. We are proud that C.M.A.S. accept as an equal partner and supports our ideas and activities. And we are proud that we, despite the last, sixth place in the competition, achieved remarkable individual successes and have a lot of fun together.


About competition on Russian TV

 Video from our friends from Moscow.





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