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Diving holidays in Egypt

God of the ocean Poseidon called me and Branka in the underwater world of the Red Sea this time. Together with Branka We responded to his call and between 3 and 10 October 2015 spent a diving holiday under the hot desert sun in Safaga. Before the flight we announced our coming at the diving centre I sent them all the necessary information regarding my physical impairment and video-clips from my dives.

They accepted us very friendly and we took the first two dives from the shore, which were designed to test the equipment and the renewal of diving feelings and skills. All other dives we carried out from the ship. On the dives we were accompanied by Assam, which has done his task very well, so we felt at home and safe under water. The underwater world and coral gardens are against our expectations well preserved, and we saw more than we expected.

At these diving holidays we also wanted to check the accessibility of the hotel and the ship for people in a wheelchair.  Our hotel was only partially adapted, unnecessary thresholds in the room spoiled artistic impression, the slope of ramps is such as on the large hill in Planica, so in the area of the hotel wandering and movement is difficult, and without the aid of the assistant not possible I`m afraid. On board of the Ship there is some space, and very friendly crew is ready to assist at every stage, but a platform for entry into the water is quite high (too high), and  toilets are inaccessible for disabled people in a wheelchair.

For diving camp with IAHD Adriatic members, persons with disabilities and their companions it will be necessary to find a more favourable and better adapted location.

Peter Majcen-LG





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