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Committed to steps - Predani korakom"

Invitation of Tanja Babnik from Primary School Ledina (hospital school divisions) to participate in the project “Predani korakom” (Committed to steps) surprised us, since IAHD Adriatic rather than steps on land collects strokes under water. A mere idea of ​​the camp Committed to steps, where children with physical impairment who are involved in rehabilitation at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – Soca, joined their siblings or friends and companions (teachers and students) is excellent.
The camp was attended by eighteen children. All scientific literature is full of words about the inclusion of children with special needs, but it is only rarely encountered, especially in teaching the sport, as research carried out in Slovenia shows, most children with physical impairment in teaching the sport are not included. The camp is a textbook example of what should become a common practice in the integration of these children into the processes of learning and the pursuit of sports activities. Message of the project that everyone can move within his capabilities, in the life of these children is rarely implemented, although the children are only children that their need to move is a primary need.
On Thursday 24.9.2015, two teams of volunteers went to Youth Health and Holiday Centre Debeli Rtic. Our team consisted of nine volunteers and was responsible for diving with physically disabled, the second team led by the Arne Hodalic devoted his attention to their peers.  All those present were able to observe how Damjan Peklar first CMAS Instructor (M *) diving with spinal cord impairment, Ales Povse - Yoda (CMAS Assistant Diving P ***) and Peter Majcen - LG (CMAS diver P **) got ready to dive. Damjan was preparing his diving equipment, while others have been putting on their diving suits and other necessary diving equipment. Together with the instructors (Branko Ravnak, Alenka Fidler) and assistants (Rajko Prelog, Uros Ducman) we showed them the method named IDA.
Soon the pool became quite lively as they all wanted to peek below the surface. Those a little less brave quickly conquered their fear, because they in the water were helped by their friends. For those who were not able to submerge with a simple diving mask, we used whole-face mask (full face), which has become a real hit. Miha Matavz documented the happenings under water, Marjan Richter above the water and by the pool, so all of us went home with beautiful memories, not  only the memories of the events under water, but also because of the long strides done under water by those youngsters for the first time.
Little heroes, with their iron will and courage convinced Mrs. Golobic, who despite her 85 years could overcome her fear and peeked below the waterline. Congratulations to all!
Acknowledgements to:
- Tanja Babnik for invitation
- Head of the department for rehabilitation of children, prim. Hermina Damjan, for permission
- Harald Hordosch from Seacam-a, which has enabled to photograph the children under water
- Volunteers of Swimming Club Slovenske Konjice and Marjan Richter, who have renounced travel expenses and fees
 Photo: Miha Matavz, Marjan Richter and Lea Rojec





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