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12th Interntional Day without wheelchair

12th International Day without a wheelchair

The area of Municipal swimming pool in Slovenske Konjice was on Friday, 10 July 2015, the scene of the 12th International event Day without a wheelchair. Almost 60 participants from Croatia and Slovenia enjoyed the whole afternoon in the swimming pool adventures. Due to the summer heat, we spend most of the afternoon in a nice cosy pool. The most enthusiastic divers, under the watchful eye of an instructor Crt Starc, got the opportunity to test and dive with the rebreather Poseidon. Diving in complete silence of the underwater world, with no bubbles, which usually chase away all the sleeping fish, is something special.
The star of the event was without a doubt, the underwater scooter Bonex, whereby divers can reach speeds up to 67m a min. We´re passing it from hand to hand and charged down the pool back and forth. Regardless of the couple of hours of driving, the battery did not discharge. Elios has introduced new materials (neoprene) for immersion suits that are extremely flexible and are drying very fast.
Photographic enthusiasts also got the chance to test new equipment for underwater photography. As part of the campaign, premiere of underwater photography with SEAC housing took place. All who tried now know how to generate a perfect underwater photo. We are very pleased, that divers with disabilities were able to conjure up, at least approximate feelings under water to accidental visitors also. Besides Gregor Fink, who became a real media star (POP TV), for the first time immersed Mitja Petek and paraplegic Gregor Habe, who was floating over the water, and got so excited that he almost ran out of air.
Everything was diligently recorded by POP TV, under vigilant eye of Rozmari Petek of the newspaper Vecer. A young girl from Konjiske Novice was also present; the event has also been reported on Radio Maribor, Radio Rogla and elsewhere.
Many thanks to:
- Miran Gorinsek, the mayor, who approved us a free use of the pool and who also came to say hello
- Guest house Fink, which also took care that we were not thirsty and hungry this year
- Crt Starc (Poseidon, who despite his injury jumped into the pool),
- Harald Hordosch from Sea Cam,
- Giani Pecar,
- Gaąper Kosir (CPA d.o.o.)
- Suunto,
- Elios,
- AP Diving,
- All media that have reported about the event
- And all the nice people who helped us, that the Day without a wheelchair got it´s place under the sun.

See you next year!

Written by Ales Povse-YODA
Photographs: Miha Matavz, Klaudija Poropat, Peter Planinsek






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